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"Legitimately, one of the best prawn soup I have eaten in my life!"
- Ryan Tan, Co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics

"CHU Collagen is the standard for steamboat broth!"
- Aiken Chia, Producer of Food King by NOC

"That particular laksa broth right; it was rich, it was lemak, it was fragrant. It was very very steady. I'm dreaming of it now."
- Chef Ming, Guest Host on Food King by NOC

"It (Laksa Soup) went smoothly down the throat and I downed the entire bowl of soup easily... There was a certain heft to the broth and it was lemak enough that laksa purists won't be disappointed. It (Prawn Mee Soup) was very impressive that the umami flavour is captured in a packet..."
- Seow Kai Lun, AsiaOne

"The (Chicken Collagen) soup was pleasantly robust and umami without tasting that it was laden with MSG. Instead, it reminded us of homemade chicken soup so one could easily trick people into thinking that you made the soup yourself. Can't go wrong with this one for communal hotpots."
- Mothership

"Its rich, creamy, and super nutritious broth is unbelievably delicious"

As recommended by The Straits Times.
"Frozen stocks worth the price"
- Wong Ah Yoke, SPH, Senior Food Correspondent recommends, 10 Jul 2020
The Straits Times Life Review - CHU Collagen

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Chicken soup gives super collagen

Chicken soup gives super collagen, with great taste and thick soup.

2-Litre bundle: Premium Prawn Mee Soup (2L)
Genesis Kok (Kampong Bukit Panjang, SG)

2-Litre bundle: Premium Prawn Mee Soup (2L)

Premium collagen soup

Bringing home restaurant-standard soup bases! Loved it! Will definitely repurchase!

So good!

The stock is rich and robust. Perfect for steamboats and making porridge!

Premium Prawn Mee Soup (1L)
Henry Tan (Singapore, SG)
Laksa soup

Excellent.. family members love it...

Fantastic Chicken Soup

1st timer trying the soup and it tasted great!

Premium prawn mee soup

I find it a little too sweet for my liking,


Rich and yummy broth to soothe the soul.

Great product!

Very tasty and convenient especially during WFH period. Will buy again

Premium Chicken Collagen Soup (1L)
Shi Han (Singapore, SG)
Awesome Soup base for rainy day

I love the chicken and prawn soup. Fabulous quick meal for small family 😃

Laksa Delights

Good for simply noodle laksa & steamboat!
Convenient to cook

Premium Laksa Soup (1L)
Winnie (Jurong West, SG)
Laksa soup

Just the right amount of spice and well balanced.

Premium Laksa Soup (1L)
Sureen Tong (Singapore, SG)
Best broth

Love the prawn broth as the aroma and taste of the prawn is strong enough. The broth can be used to make different dishes.

Love it!

Loving the chicken collagen soup, makes meals preparation so easy and nutritious !

Fragrant prawn soup

The prawn soup base was really great and in my opinion better than most that we can purchase out there. However, the soup was TOO OILY.

Thick & heartening collagen soup

First time having a collagen soup and the texture was really smooth. Soup was fragrant and brought out the flavour of the ingredients.

Very satisfied with the soup base

As per usual, the delivery is smooth and the soup base superb. My girls love it so much.

Love the new Laksa paste!

The laksa paste is super good. Very thick and has the hae bee hiam taste. Portion good for two pax.


I keep finding a nice n pure chicken soup, finally I found CHU Collagen, add some rice noddle together very nice

Premium Laksa Soup

The laksa soup is yummy! I feel that it is way better than other famous stalls outside! Best Part: Super easy to prepare! 👍🏻

Premium Prawn Mee Soup (1L)
Liyan (Singapore, SG)
Prawn mee soup

Soup is savoury and light, not too oily

Premium Laksa Soup (1L)
Liyan (Singapore, SG)
Nice Laska soup

Nice savoury soup but nothing too special - taste like the ones served in food courts

nice savoury soup

Nice and rich soup soup, not too salty and oily like some stocks

2-Litre bundle: Premium Chicken Collagen Soup (2L)

2-Litre bundle: Premium Chicken Collagen Soup (2L)
bee ang (Bukit Batok New Town, SG)
yummy collage porridge

Fuss free for busy wfm group- just add CHU collagen with 2.5-3 cups of water to make flavourful porridge(basmati rice) in smart rice-cooker for 'fussy' family members who prefer less savoury taste :)