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"Legitimately, one of the best prawn soup I have eaten in my life!"
- Ryan Tan, Co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics

"CHU Collagen is the standard for steamboat broth!"
- Aiken Chia, Producer of Food King by NOC

"That particular laksa broth right; it was rich, it was lemak, it was fragrant. It was very very steady. I'm dreaming of it now."
- Chef Ming, Guest Host on Food King by NOC

"It (Laksa Soup) went smoothly down the throat and I downed the entire bowl of soup easily... There was a certain heft to the broth and it was lemak enough that laksa purists won't be disappointed. It (Prawn Mee Soup) was very impressive that the umami flavour is captured in a packet..."
- Seow Kai Lun, AsiaOne

As recommended by The Straits Times.
"Frozen stocks worth the price"
- Wong Ah Yoke, SPH, Senior Food Correspondent recommends, 10 Jul 2020
The Straits Times Life Review - CHU Collagen

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CHU Collagen has amazing broth options

every broth was rich in flavor! to my surprise, my family loves the laksa one as well. we never had laksa steamboat before but it was a great first experience thanks to CHU Collagen. would definitely repurchase from CHU Collagen again!

Laksa Broth!

The Laksa broth is amazing, I love it! Will definitely be ordering again!

Laksa soup

Taste great

2-Litre bundle: Premium Chicken Collagen Soup (2L)

Good quality soup, and good customer service! Requested for it to be delivered at a specific time, and they were able to do so with plenty of time to spare. Would definitely order again if I'm organizing another hotpot event.

Repeat purchase

Loved the collagen and prawn soup!! Family was satisfied when having steamboat. Cant wait to try the laksa!

Chu collagen laksa

Very thick and yummy broth. Not too salty yet flavourful.

Prawn Mee soup

Very versatile, can be use to cook for a meal as well as for hotpot and its very tasty! My family loves it. Definitely ordering again! :)

Premium Laksa Soup Steamboat

Had 4 pkts for steamboat during CNY! It goes well with the usual steamboat stuff and the gravy is just great! Did not have the "gerlak" feeling after several bowls.

Prawn Soup

Strong prawn smell and "a tint too sweet" but overall it is still tasty and flavourful.

yummy collagen soup

yummy collagen soup must try

Yummy Prawn Mee Soup

Taste super good my family loves it

Prawn mee soup review

Soup was consider spicy due to the added chilli oil which make it suitable for kid
Subsequently removed that layer of chilli oil and that makes the soup not favourable

Best steamboat broth

I ordered the premium chicken collagen soup for a steamboat dinner gathering I had with my friends. Everyone loved it! One even said it was better than some of the steamboat restaurants (: All 4 litres were finished by 10 of us that night. Apart from feeling a little thirsty after the steamboat, the broth is definitely a great buy and I would purchase them again.

Will be repurchasing for it again

I have purchased the CHU chicken collagen soup - 4 x 500ml pouches from the official website. The ordering and delivery process was easy and smooth. As a first-timer, I find that the soup is rich and tasty. My family members and I do not feel thirsty after drinking it and it is not salty at all even after coming to the end of my steamboat meal. My entire family enjoys it. I feel 2 packets are only sufficient for half a steamboat pot, hence for continuity of the creamy and rich flavor of the soup throughout the steamboat session, I will recommend that you purchase more than 2 packets.

My family loves it.

Simply the best!

Truly legit, awesome soup stock to amp up your meal

Go for it. No regrets.
I used the collagen stock to make my fish maw soup over CNY. High quality stock indeed.


Love the laksa soup and the collagen soup for my steam boat.

Premium Laksa Soup

When I eat laksa, I usually leave the gravy behind, because drinking it makes me 'gerlak'. I am therefore surprised to find that your soup doesn't give me that queasy feeling, and I actually finished the whole bowl. I made 2 bowls of laksa using one 500 ml packet. I love the taste - thick and flavourful.

Chu Collagen Soup

It will be better if there is a lesser layer of oil with the soup.

Flavourful soup

The prawn soup is flavourful and sweet but slightly oily.

Chu Collagen Soup Base

Fantastic for steamboats!

Tasty soup

Best when it's not super diluted!

First time trying

Very tasty laksa soup, made it so convenient to prepare a meal. Added prawns, scallops, pork and vegetables for a fulfilling meal. Will definitely buy again!