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"Legitimately, one of the best prawn soup I have eaten in my life!"
- Ryan Tan, Co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics

"CHU Collagen is the standard for steamboat broth!"
- Aiken Chia, Producer of Food King by NOC

"The consistency of it is thick leh! And this tickled my fancy in all areas!"
- Nina Tan, Guest Host on Food King by NOC

"That particular laksa broth right; it was rich, it was lemak, it was fragrant. It was very very steady. I'm dreaming of it now."
- Chef Ming, Guest Host on Food King by NOC

"It (Laksa Soup) went smoothly down the throat and I downed the entire bowl of soup easily... There was a certain heft to the broth and it was lemak enough that laksa purists won't be disappointed. It (Prawn Mee Soup) was very impressive that the umami flavour is captured in a packet..."
- Seow Kai Lun, AsiaOne

"The (Chicken Collagen) soup was pleasantly robust and umami without tasting that it was laden with MSG. Instead, it reminded us of homemade chicken soup so one could easily trick people into thinking that you made the soup yourself. Can't go wrong with this one for communal hotpots."
- Mothership

"Its rich, creamy, and super nutritious broth is unbelievably delicious"

As recommended by The Straits Times.
"Frozen stocks worth the price"
- Wong Ah Yoke, SPH, Senior Food Correspondent recommends, 10 Jul 2020
The Straits Times review - CHU Collagen
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Best collagen in town!

Repeat purchase

Love it

My fav soup to have on weekend!

My family and I will make the Chu collagen soup bi-weekly. I must say i stock this up in my fridge and i recommended to many relatives and friends.

Delicious prawn soup

It’s my second time trying the prawn soup. It is amazing. Will buy again

First time buyer of chicken soup

This is my first time buying chicken soup from chu collagen. I had tried the prawn soup previously and it was delicious. Between the chicken soup and the prawn soup, prawn soup is definitely the winner!

Staple in our fridge!

Sister gave me a packet to try and ever since it is the staple for our soup bases, both chicken and prawn!


Soup was flavourful and tasty. Enhancing my base soup when I am doing different type of soups.

2-Litre bundle: Premium Chicken Collagen Soup (2L)

Premium Laksa Soup (1L)
Penny Lim (Kampong Punggol, SG)
Chu Laksa

The spicyness is just nice for my family.
Love it!

2-Litre bundle: Premium Laksa Soup (2L)
Jason Foo (Singapore, SG)

Can have more dry prawn taste and possible laksa leave taste too will be perfect.


Premium Chicken Collagen Soup (1L)
Mel Peh (Singapore, SG)
Great taste with great connivence

Used it for hotpot and for regular soup base to whip up quick meals

2-Litre bundle: Premium Chicken Collagen Soup (2L)

Premium Laksa Soup (1L)
Liz Wong (Singapore, SG)

the soup base is thick and taste good,my family love it so much.

2-Litre bundle: Premium Laksa Soup (2L)
Lily . (Kampong Pasir Ris, SG)

2-Litre bundle: Premium Laksa Soup (2L)

Super yummu gao broth

Blew me away with all those flavours. Will be getting another bundle!

Rich and tasty broth

Very rich and tasty broth. Had it on a rainy day and it was fantastic! No MSG so it was not thirst inducing like other chicken broths.

Awesome flavor

One of the nicer collagen soup I’ve tried so far. I added scallops to further enhance the flavor though (:

No salt option?

I wonder if we could have a no salt option just like some products with low or no sugar. I think HPB also gives a certification for lower sodium options. It is tasty but I needed to dilute it with water to reduce the saltiness. Which then makes it lose the creaminess collagen mouthfeel.

Could a nutrition chart be provided for the various broth? In particular the laksa and prawn soup where sugar is added?

the best chicken soup i tasted!!!

Super love the soup and will recommend it to anyone! Will purchase more in the future

2-Litre bundle: Premium Chicken Collagen Soup (2L)

Chu collagen review

Not my first time ordering, has been ordering from them since they launched last year. Love all their broth! Whip up prawn noodle in less than 15minutes. So flavourful and yummy! It’s way better than prawn noodle selling out there!

Premium Laksa Soup

Super super amazed at the quality. My son loves Laksa so after watching FoodKing I decided to try this .. lets just say one of the best I've had in Singapore and my son literally licked the bowl!

Rich taste

Rich ‘home cooked’ taste without any MSG listed!

Love it!