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"No-fuss top quality soup choice for every taste and every season. I love CHU!"
- Yvonne Lim, Mediacorp Artiste & CHU Collagen Ambassador

"Legitimately, one of the best prawn soup I have eaten in my life!"
- Ryan Tan, Co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics

"CHU Collagen is the standard for steamboat broth!"
- Aiken Chia, Producer of Food King by NOC

"The consistency of it is thick leh! And this tickled my fancy in all areas!"
- Nina Tan, Guest Host on Food King by NOC

"That particular laksa broth right; it was rich, it was lemak, it was fragrant. It was very very steady. I'm dreaming of it now."
- Chef Ming, Guest Host on Food King by NOC

"It (Laksa Soup) went smoothly down the throat and I downed the entire bowl of soup easily... There was a certain heft to the broth and it was lemak enough that laksa purists won't be disappointed. It (Prawn Mee Soup) was very impressive that the umami flavour is captured in a packet..."
- Seow Kai Lun, AsiaOne

"The (Chicken Collagen) soup was pleasantly robust and umami without tasting that it was laden with MSG. Instead, it reminded us of homemade chicken soup so one could easily trick people into thinking that you made the soup yourself. Can't go wrong with this one for communal hotpots."
- Mothership

"The best part of the Crispy Rice Puffs (Original) is that it adds a delightful crunchiness to the meal and contains no trans-fat, cholesterol, salt, sugar, no added MSG, preservatives, additive, or artificial flavourings!"
- Seth Lui, Chief Foodie at

"Its rich, creamy, and super nutritious broth is unbelievably delicious"

"Using the Prawn soup from CHU Collagen which is delicious with a bit of heat!"
- Wong Ah Yoke, SPH, Senior Food Correspondent

As recommended by The Straits Times:
"Frozen stocks worth the price"
- Wong Ah Yoke, SPH, Senior Food Correspondent recommends, 10 Jul 2020
The Straits Times review - CHU Collagen
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Repeated purchase, family loves the prawn soups

My family‘s fave!

We‘ve been ordering the Chu collagen soup regularly since it‘s our family’s favorite soup. Recently, we took advantage of the National Day promotion and tried the laksa soup and WOW! It‘s definitely rich, fragrant and gives you kick in every spicy mouthful! Love it!!

It’s really very awesomely tasty!

My kids take it, cooked with noodles and other ingredients, at least once a week. That’s why I subscribed to the monthly 2-Litre bundle. Sometimes it runs out so fast that I would get a pack from supermarket before the next bundle delivery.

So crispy & fragrant!

It remains crispy after 'soaking' in the soup for a while. Amazing! Yummy!

My go to choice for broth!

Have tried a few options from the supermarkets, and I keep coming back to Chu Collagen. Have been using the Chicken collagen soup for my daughter since her baby days, healthier choice compared to others, and the yummy taste! Have also just tried their Japanese Teapot soup, so good I finished 4 packs within 2 days(didn't get to take pictures)! So good for hotpot and noodles! Definitely stocking up again!

Premium Laksa Soup (1L)
John Woo (Ho Chi Minh City, VN)

Premium Laksa Soup (1L)

Laksa soup

Taste was superb but wished it was spicier. Everyone enjoyed it and it’s a hit.

Really good broth!

My family and I were recently hooked to eating collagen soup, but restaurants were too costly. We wanted to find a good alternative where we can use our Bruno hot pot as and when.. Turns out to be so good that we wanna order again! Delicious thick broth!! 😁

Excellent Collagen Soup

Excellent collagen steamboat soup for our guests. They were surprised by the taste and quality of the soup.

Easy to prepare meal by Chu Collagen soup

My family loves Chu Collagen Chicken soup very much Previoysly i used lots of my time to boil chicken soup in order to cook noodle for our lunch . But now after I tried Chu Collagen chicken soup, it's more easy and fast. Furthermore it's very tasty and you will not find thirsty after you drank the chicken soup . I already bought many packets, include Laksa Soup, Japanese Teapot soup and prawn mee soup . Thumbs up ! 👍

Tea soup

Soup base is fresh and tasty

Chewy mochi noodles!

Great chew and consistency! Tastes great with mala or chicken collagen soup! <3

Packs a punch!

This pack of premium mala collagen soup packs a punch! Strong flavours and definitely a hit among mala lovers in the group!

Premium chicken collegen soup

The taste was very natural. Very good. I used it to cook my fish maw and shark fin soup.

Nice Mochi Noodles

Tastes like the Jap noodles. Just need a longer cooking time if u prefer a softer texture

Premium Japanese Teapot Soup

I bought 2 litre bundle of Chu Collagen Premium Japanese Teapot soup. I used the soup to cook noodle, porridge and udon. It has good flavour and my family like it so much . I'm planning to purchase more packets for CNY reunion dinner. Thumbs up!

Crispy Rice Puffs & Japanese Teapot soup

The Japanese teapot soup is absolutely wonderful and reminds me some great dobin mushi I have drank in some Japanese restaurants. I have added some seafood into it and it is the perfect match with the crispy rice puffs top on my Japanese steam rice….sibey good ! I can drink it all day..

Chicken collagen and tea pot Soup

Love that the Chicken Collagen soup which has no preservative and msg. It will be better if the tea pot soup has also no msg added.
Also love that the packaging are certified BPA-free.

2-Litre bundle: Premium Laksa Soup (2L)
Caron Ng (Kampong Pasir Ris, SG)
Laksa soup

The laksa soup was thick and creamy, nice but too spicy.

The soup is thick and cream, very good. Too spicy and also taste and smell a little like curry, not so good.

True collogen

We just started to try after JN introduction, and my family love it. Now it has became our once to twice a week soup base cooking! Yummy n healthy

2-Litre bundle: Premium Laksa Soup (2L)
EIRENE EU (Singapore, SG)
Premium Laksa soup

Super rich authentic and spicy taste of Laksa with no extra water added is sufficient for one serving only.


I have purchased all kind except the mala, so far I have only tried the laksa excellent taste and frangance but a bit salty for me🙏

2-Litre bundle: Premium Laksa Soup (2L)
Elaine Tan (Woodlands, SG)
Laksa soup

For myself who is not a spicy eater, the spicy level is still ok for me but is too spicy for my 11 yrs old. Overall is great!

Premium Prawn Mee Soup (1L)
Wendy Siow (Singapore, SG)
Prawn soup

Really tasty for the prawn soup