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What are the benefits of double-boiled chicken collagen soup?

What’s a meal without a bowl of soup? Nourishing, comforting and delicious, a bowl of warm soup is as important as rice in some families. In traditional Chinese medicine, soup is an important part of nutrition therapy – an approach based on the philosophy that “medicine and food share a common origin”. The Chinese have followed this precept of maintaining health through diet for more than 2,000 years. In the world of Chinese soup-making, two techniques are widely used. The first is a gentle bāo (煲) (or bou in Cantonese) where water and a selection of complementary ingredients are brought to a rolling boil over high heat, before the flame is lowered and the contents of the pot simmered for...

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Discover the secret of making the best Singapore Laksa at home

On the labours of making this much-loved South East Asian dish, laksa expert and Penang chef Nazlina Hussin has once said, “If someone asks me to make laksa on my own, I will cry first for a good 10 minutes before I start working on it.” Indeed, making laksa from scratch is no mean feat. It involves a tedious list of spices, herbs, various ingredients and arduous prep work before one can sit down to eat it. Before we commit to making such a labour-intensive dish, let us first find out: What is Singapore laksa? Laksa is an ubiquitous noodle soup dish in South East Asia, with a stunning number of variations being enjoyed in Indonesia, Malaysia and southern Thailand....

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How to recreate Jack and Ethel Neo’s nostalgic bowl of Prawn Mee Soup

When CHU Collagen co-founder Ethel was a little girl, she used to bond over makan (Malay for “food”) trips with her father, film director Jack Neo. A familiar favourite was prawn noodle soup. As the Neo family used to live in the east, Jack would bring her to his favourite prawn noodle hawker stalls located in the eastern and central parts of Singapore. Over steaming bowls of red stock with succulent prawns and slippery noodles, father and daughter would have heart-to-heart talks – even while being frequently interrupted by passers-by who wanted Jack’s autograph. Until today, the taste that Ethel experienced as a child with her father is what she considers the definitive taste of local prawn noodle soup. On...

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CHU Collagen – Trendsetter in frozen Chicken Collagen Soup delivery

When the entire nation collectively stopped working during circuit breaker, the couple who co-founded CHU Collagen® got busy instead. Just two months before the Singapore government suspended non-essential businesses, Peter Lau and Ethel Neo had approached a food manufacturer to start work on commercialising Ethel's chicken collagen soup recipe. In April 2020, when circuit breaker hit, CHU Collagen® Premium Chicken Collagen Soup was ready. As the couple launched their business online shortly after the closure of food and beverage establishments, CHU Collagen® became the first company on the market to deliver frozen premium chicken collagen soup to thousands of customers who had a fierce hankering for restaurant-grade steamboat. Two factors set CHU Collagen® apart in the market: Professional preparation and technology....

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