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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

    • How long can I keep the soup if it is still sealed and not opened?
      • Chilled: 1 month
      • Frozen: 1 year
    • What is the serving size?
      • 1-2 pax per 500ml packet.
    • How do I prepare the chicken collagen, prawn mee, laksa or mala collagen soup?
      1. Defrost frozen soup in refrigerator.
      2. Pour contents completely into empty pot and bring to boil.
      3. Optional: Add water if desired.
      1. Remove frozen soup from packaging completely.
      2. Put frozen soup directly into an empty pot.
      3. Turn on heat and bring to boil.
      4. Optional: Add water if desired.
    • Do I need to add water?
      • This is up to individual preferences. We recommend that you try without adding water first and only do so if it is too thick or rich for your liking.
      • As we strive to provide more value to our customers, our concentration is very high. We do not believe in adding water to make up for the volume in our soup packets. This is so that you can adjust it to suit your preference by adding water if desired. 
    • If I cannot finish the whole packet, how do I portion it?
      • You may wait until it is slightly defrosted (or just soft enough), then portion it out. Keep the remaining portioned-out soup in the freezer immediately.
      • Do not refreeze if soup is completely defrosted.
    • Is CHU Collagen Halal-certified?
      • No, it is not.
    • Which country is the soup made in?
      • Proudly made in Singapore.
      • Made in an ISO 22000 certified production facility.
    • Will the soup be delivered in glass bottles?
      • The bottle images are for illustration purposes only.
      • The actual packaging comes in a frozen, sealed vacuum pack.
      • All our packaging are certified BPA-Free.
    • Can I re-freeze the soup after I defrost it?
      • No, for food safety reasons.

    Chicken Collagen Soup

      • What are the ingredients in CHU's Chicken Collagen Soup?
        • Chicken, Salt and Ginger.
          • No added preservatives
          • No added additives
          • No added artificial flavourings
          • No added MSG (Monosodium glutamate)
          • Trans fat free
          • Sugar free
          • Gluten free
          • Lactose free
      • What is the Nutrition Information?
        • Chicken Collagen Soup - Nutrition Information (500ml)
      • Is the Chicken Collagen Soup suitable for babies, toddlers and kids?
        • Yes, it is suitable for babies, toddlers and kids with dilution.

      Prawn Mee Soup

        • What are the ingredients in CHU's Prawn Mee Soup?
          • Prawn, Palm Oil, Garlic, Sambal [Palm Oil, Onion, Garlic, Lemongrass, Salt, Galangal, Turmeric, Candlenut, Belacan (Shrimp, Salt), Sugar, Dried Shrimp, Chilli], Sugar, Dried Shrimp, Seafood Seasoning [Salt, MSG, Dextrose, Sugar, Bonito, Yeast Extract, Additives (Disodium 5'-ribonucleotide, Disodium Succinate), Fish Seasoning (Fish Powder {Fish, Maltodextrin, Protease}, Maltodextrin, Salt, Sugar, Dextrose, Spices, MSG, Silicon Dioxide, Flavouring)], White Pepper, Salt.
            • No added preservatives
            • Trans fat free
            • Gluten free
            • Lactose free
          • WARNING: It is spicy!
          • What is the Nutrition Information?
            • CHU Prawn Mee Soup Nutrition Information

          Laksa Soup

            • What are the ingredients in CHU's Laksa Soup?
              • Coconut Milk (Coconut), Palm Oil, Chilli Paste (Dried Chilli, Salt), Dried Shrimp, Shallot, Garlic, Salt, Galangal, Lemongrass, Sugar, MSG, Ginger, Spices, Wheat Flour, Chilli Powder, Belacan (Shrimp, Salt), Turmeric, Laksa Leaf.
                • No added preservatives
                • Trans fat free
                • Low in Sugar
              • WARNING: It is mildly spicy!
              • What is the Nutrition Information?
                • CHU Laksa Soup Nutrition Information

                Mala Collagen Soup

                  • What are the ingredients in CHU's Mala Collagen Soup?
                    • Pork Broth (Pork, Onion, Ginger), Chilli Paste (Dried Chilli, Salt), Palm Oil, Sesame Paste (Sesame, Peanut), Rice Wine (Rice, Wheat, Salt), Milk Powder (Cow’s Milk), Prickly Ash, Sichuan Peppercorn, Pork, Garlic, Chicken Flavoured Seasoning {Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Corn Starch, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Palm Fat, Flavourings [(Contains Egg, Wheat), Lactose (Milk), Canola Seed], Soya Sauce (Contains Wheat), Sodium Inosinate and Guanylate, Spices}, Monosodium Glutamate, Shallot, Salt, Pickled Chilli [Chilli, Salt, Liquor, Flavours, Food Additives (Glacial Acetic Acid, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium D-isoascorbate, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Metabisulfite)], Sugar, Chilli Soybean [Broad Bean (Chilli, Broad Bean, Salt, Wheat Flour), Vegetable Oil, Food Additives (Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate)], Ginger, Chilli, White Pepper, Salted Soybean (Black Bean, Salt, Wine, Sugar, Ginger), Herbs And Spices
                      • Trans fat free
                      • Low in Sugar
                    • WARNING: Very spicy! (大辣) This is not for everyone!
                  • What is the Nutrition Information?
                    • CHU Mala Collagen Soup Nutrition Information


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                  • Which countries do you ship to?
                    • We are available in Singapore and Malaysia.
                    • Currently, only the Chicken Collagen Soup is available in Malaysia.
                    • Click here to visit our Malaysia website.
                  • When is the delivery date?
                    • Our next delivery date is stated on the product page and the checkout page.
                    • Limited quantities are available for each delivery date. While stock lasts.
                  • What time will I receive the soup on the delivery date?
                    • We endeavor to deliver between 3pm - 9pm.
                    • We are unable to provide an estimate of the delivery time as it depends on the delivery load of each driver on a particular date.
                    • In some instances where there are unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, there is a possibility of a delay.
                  • What happens if there is no one around during delivery?
                    • Please ensure that someone is around to receive the soup during delivery date, 11am-9pm.
                    • If there is no one around, we will call you and put the frozen soup into an insulated cooler envelope and place it outside your house. 
                    • Once someone returns, keep it in the fridge (expiry 1 month) or freezer (expiry 1 year) immediately.
                  • How do I qualify for free delivery?
                    • Simply spend $80 and above and you will receive a free delivery from us.
                    • There will be a $10 delivery fee for orders below $80.
                  • Can I change the delivery date after I have placed the order?
                    • We do not accept any changes after an order has been placed.
                  • If I have multiple items in one order, can I request to send it to different addresses?
                    • Unfortunately, one order can only be delivered to one address.
                    • If you would like to send it to different addresses, please order separately.


                    • How do I place a group buy or bulk purchase order?
                      • Please email the quantity to
                    • What are the modes of payment you accept?
                      • GrabPay, Visa, Mastercard, GooglePay, ApplePay and PayNow.
                    • How to pay by PayNow?
                      • If using laptop:
                        1. During checkout, select (Razer Merchant Services) PayNow option.
                        2. Open your mobile bank app, scan QR code, click Next.
                        3. Confirm payment details.
                        4. You will see a payment successful page if payment goes through.
                      • If using mobile phone:
                        1. Screenshot and save QR Code in your mobile's photo gallery.
                        2. Launch bank app and navigate to PayNow or Scan to Pay.
                        3. Upload QR Code screenshot (instead of scanning).
                        4. Confirm payment details.
                        5. You will see a payment successful page if payment goes through.
                          • NOTE: You will see "Razer Merchant Services (SG) Pte Ltd" as the company name that you are paying to.
                        • How do I cancel or edit my order?
                          • We do not accept any changes after payment has been made.
                          • All items sold are strictly non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

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