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A5 Kagoshima Wagyu and CHU Collagen Laksa Soup
A5 Wagyu & Laksa Soup Bundle

A5 Wagyu & Laksa Soup Bundle

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This is a collaboration with Orient Ocean.

Bundle includes:

  • 250g Premium A5 Kagoshima Wagyu
  • 2 x Laksa Soup (500ml)
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A5 Kagoshima Wagyu (from Orient Ocean)

With rich and gorgeous marbling, these A5 Wagyu shabu slices hail from the prefecture of Kagoshima (grand champion in overall Wagyu Olympics 2017, next one is in 2022). The slices melt in your mouth and the buttery umami is a food connoisseur's dream come true! Enhance your shabu shabu and sukiyaki experience with this hotpot must-have!

Weight: ±250g
Expiry: 1 Month (Keep frozen)

Laksa Soup

Creamy, aromatic and robust, our Premium Singapore Laksa Soup is intensely rich with flavour. Using only the silkiest coconut milk, we are confident that this broth will capture your heart and stomach. This can be used to make a quick and heartwarming bowl of laksa, Yong Tau Foo, as well as in a steamboat base to spice things up a little.

WARNING: Mildly Spicy!

Expiry (from date of receipt of soup):

  • 1 month if refrigerated
  • 1 year if frozen


Customer Reviews

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Elaine (Singapore, SG)

Repeat purchase! Fresh meat and nice soup base!