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How to recreate Jack and Ethel Neo’s nostalgic bowl of Prawn Mee Soup

When CHU Collagen co-founder Ethel was a little girl, she used to bond over makan (Malay for “food”) trips with her father, film director Jack Neo. A familiar favourite was prawn noodle soup. As the Neo family used to live in the east, Jack would bring her to his favourite prawn noodle hawker stalls located in the eastern and central parts of Singapore. Over steaming bowls of red stock with succulent prawns and slippery noodles, father and daughter would have heart-to-heart talks – even while being frequently interrupted by passers-by who wanted Jack’s autograph. Until today, the taste that Ethel experienced as a child with her father is what she considers the definitive taste of local prawn noodle soup. On...

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